If you aren't on Instagram, you're missing out! The graphic appeal and the ability to use #hashtags to find and tag posts make it well worth your time.  And if you are, here is a list of artists who specialize in polymer clay that you should check out!  So much creativity!


 - Amy's imagination is out of this world!  Her characters are whimsical, creepy, and fun.


 - I love absolutely everything she does!


 - Who doesn't love Marie??  She sells Cernit clay and does lots of wonderful experiments to show off its best attributes.  She makes awesome stuff.


 - Marilyn is a lovely person.  In with her lovely jewelry and polymer pieces on Instagram, she also scatters sweet sentiments like "Be the kind of person that makes other people want to up their game."  :)


 - Lynn at Flying Squirrel Studio obviously loves patterns as much as I do!  She puts them together in amazing ways.


 - Fiona is a master at color and caning.  Plus, her 3D garden scenes are to die for.  She makes lots of wonderful free tutorials.  


 - Anne is my polymer clay bestie.  We chat constantly online giving each other feedback and tips on our claying adventures.  She is the queen of earring design and makes lots of little characters with gobs of personality. 


 - I am always inspired by the @mcanaraks posts - textiles and resin buttons, not polymer clay, but definitely worth a follow.  You'll smile every time their posts come up in your feed.  


 - Me, of course!  ;)

Please feel free to add your favorite Instagram artists in the comments.  I'll be listing more of my favorites in later posts.

Stay safe!  Hopefully freedom to move about the world is coming soon.

Nee Nee Ree